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How Automation is creating waves for the customer experience industry.

September 25th, 2019 by imperium

When we read about automation today, it is almost always the case that we think of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, etc. While all of these things are true, automation is more than just that. Automation casts a wide net in the Information Technology field. Automation covers customer experience, and also includes coverage of voice self-service or interactive voice response web and mobile service, online communities, chatbots, virtual assistant, and so on. Every one of these provide different value for companies and customers both.

Most of the companies worldwide are recognizing redundancies in their facilities and are requiring state of the art level automation in their businesses. Most businesses require automation facilities for the benefit of all. Automation can inevitably lay off some of the workforce, and in this process, accelerate wealth creation.

Basically, business automation means the alignment of business process management and business rules management with modern application development to meet changing market demands.

The focus of IT has shifted from serving internal needs, like efficiency and cost control, to engaging with external customers and creating new business opportunities. According to a report titled The Sorry State of Digital Transformation in 2018 by Forrester, up to 22 percent business have still not process excellence and workflow automation. These are critical aspects for customer’s satisfaction and growing revenue if you wish to have a growing roster of happy customers, you need to start focusing on process excellence. Business process automation is a straightforward, effective way to get started on that path.

Without automation, businesses become weak. They have to deal with endless paperwork, missing out on some tasks, employee dissatisfaction and lower productivity, when real people control the work. Applying business process automation to employee onboarding will ensure smooth transitions from one task to the next, keeping relevant employees in the loop and providing visibility into the status of the process.

Although hiring employees may seem like a fuss-free process. It involves multiple tasks. Filling out employee information forms, setting up induction sessions, arranging training sessions, setting up bank accounts, collecting relevant documents and assigning mentors are just a few of the activities involved.

There is also something known as robotic process automation called RPA or RPAAI which results in the deployment of attended or unattended software agents to an organization's environment. These software agents, or robots, are deployed to perform pre-defined structured and repetitive sets of business tasks or processes. Artificial intelligence software robots are deployed to handle unstructured data sets and are deployed after performing and deploying robotic process automation. Robotic process automation is the leading gateway for adoption of artificial intelligence in business environments.

The market is, however, evolving in this area. In order to automate these processes, connectors are needed to fit these systems/solutions together with a data exchange layer to transfer the information. A process driven messaging service is an option for optimizing your data exchange layer. By mapping your end-to-end process workflow, you can build an integration between individual platforms using a process driven messaging platform. Process driven messaging service gives you the logic to build your process by using triggers, jobs and workflows. Some companies uses an API where you build workflow/s and then connect various systems or mobile devices. You build the process, creating workflows in the API where the workflow in the API acts as a data exchange 

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